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Are you looking for help with window cleaning in the Kansas City area? It does take a lot of time and work if you try to do it yourself. Our pressure washing specialists are fully equipped and skilled in residential and commercial window cleaning and can get the project done quickly and to perfection. 

With Bright House Exteriors, you’ll always get exceptional results. We can get rid of the built-up grime on the windows so that you have a crystal-clear view with no streaks. Our professionals know how to make your windows and the rest of your Kansas City property sparkle!

With our specialized window cleaning chemical solutions, we are able to leave your windows practically invisible. Not only do we use special cleaners we also have state-of-the-art window cleaning equipment so that you get the best results every time. 

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Window Cleaning Services

Have you been looking for help with window cleaning in the Kansas City area? It does take a lot of time and work if you try to do it yourself. Our pressure washing specialists are fully equipped, skilled at residential or commercial windows cleanliness (and can get projects done quickly!) With Bright House Exteriors around–you’ll always receive exceptional results! We know how to make your crystal clear view sparkle by getting rid of built-up grime on them; no streaks anywhere thanks to our professional team here which knows what they’re doing when working out ways through tough problems like these. 

Need help with your window cleaning in the Kansas City area? Our pressure washing specialists are fully equipped and skilled for residential or commercial jobs. Contact us today for a free quote.

    Window Cleaning Near Me

    When cleaning the exterior of your building, windows, or roof, it’s about more than the stunning appearance we can provide, although this is, of course, essential for the curb appeal.

    It’s also a part of helping you maintain your exterior surfaces to preserve them so that you can most definitely reap all the benefits of our professional window cleaning services.


    • Regular window cleaning service protects the overall value of your Kansas City property.
    • The window glass and frames will last longer if you keep them clean.
    • You want the glass to stay in good shape for many years, so it will only add to the worth of your property if you take care of the window cleaning regularly.
    • Also helps you maintain your home or commercial building’s aesthetic value.
    • Makes it easier for you to keep up with the maintenance.

      Window Cleaning Kansas City, MO

      Window cleaning can be tedious and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to drain your energy. Our pressure washing specialists are fully equipped with the right tools for residential or commercial window cleanings! We use eco-friendly products so there’s no need in worrying about harmful chemicals on windows at all times of year-round either – just call us today if you’re ready to get started now!

      We will make sure every last bit is gone from those dirty panes; giving them clarity like never before.

      You want your windows clear and you need them done fast! That is where we at Bright House Exteriors come in. Our team can help with residential or commercial projects, so if this describes what’s been going on then give us a call today because our pressure washing specialists are ready for anything.

      Expert Window Cleaning

      We know that time is precious and every minute counts. That’s why when you call us for window cleaning services, our expert teams are waiting ready on standby so they can come right over! When it comes down which service fits best with your needs: residential or commercial–we’ll take care of everything quickly without leaving any area dirty along the way because quality matters at this company!

      With Bright House Exteriors, you will always get exceptional results!

      You’ll always receive top-notch results with us; there’s nothing better than crystal clear view when you’re at work or home watching tv after dark outside on those cold winter nights–especially if they were made by one of our skilled experts here who has all their training under control along wth years upon experience.

      Bright House Window Cleaning

      Trying to clean your own windows can be a daunting task. There’s so much involved, from getting them wet enough for cleaning but not too much that water damages any surfaces underneath or inside the home; making sure all dust particles are removed without leaving behind streaks left by dirty cloths which leads back into those problems we just mentioned before–it takes time! But with our team at Bright House Exteriors handling things instead of doing everything yourself – You’ll always get top-notch results.

      Window Cleaning can improve your home’s curb allure in addition to making you feel refreshed once more!

      Best Window Cleaning Service

      You deserve to have your windows cleaned by professionals. It’s a daunting task, but you’ll never regret hiring our team at Bright House Exteriors when they take care of everything from getting them wet enough without damaging anything underneath or inside the home while making sure all dust particles are removed – even if this means leaving behind streaks due dirty cloths which leads back into previously mentioned problems such as water damage on top surfaces during cleaning processes.

      Let us take care of your windows so you don’t have to! Contact us today for a free quote.

      Our Reviews

      "Bright House provided excellent service. Their price was better than our other quote and we felt that we received equivalent or better service. Dave was professional and easy to work with. He sent a quick estimate and then once we committed, he followed up with quick confirmations on the date and time that we should expect them. They did a great job with our roof, driveway and patio and I would highly recommend them! Thank you, Bright House!"


      - Shelly K.

      "I would recommend Bright House Exteriors to anyone. Dave was great ! went above and beyond! I own a very large Victorian home here in Butler and he did a great job on my gutters. Took his time doing his work. He even took pictures of my roof for me " trouble spots " that will need to have repairs done to them. I highly recommend him. I know who to call next time ! Thank you Dave!"


      - Lori R.

      "Dave did a process of cleaning for our outdoor sports court that hadn’t been cleaned or maintained in years! Not only did it come revealed the original colors and striping and looks brand new! They also cleaned the natural and man made stone work around the pool. The colors of the stone revealed are beautiful! It feels really nice to have things shiny clean and mold/moss free. I can’t wait to see how fall cleaning of the actual house looks!"


      - Teri L.

      "We had roll down doors recently installed and were concerned that the doors would be a target of graffiti. We had a very hard time finding anyone that would apply a product for graffiti prevention. Dave, the owner, did an extensive amount of research to find the best product for the store. He power-washed the surrounding area around the doors the morning before we opened, then he came back after hours and applied the product, then was back early the next morning to rewash and clean up the area. There was no disruption to our business and I really appreciated that! Dave was professional, timely, courteous and very pleasant to work with!"


      - Plaza Liquor

      "Installed Christmas lights. Completed job ahead of schedule. House looks great."


      - Mark E.

      "Prompt and thorough. Added some needed jetting and had low cost down spout filters"


      - David B.

      "We used Dave at Bright House Exteriors to power wash our driveways and patio. Some of these areas had not been cleaned in over 35 years. Now these same areas look almost new !!! He was on time and very professional. We would highly recommend Dave to add an "extra shine" to your homes exterior."


      - Susan O.

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